Andrew Bogut

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Andrew Bogut, a renowned former NBA player from Melbourne, Victoria, gained early recognition for his exceptional Basketball talent. In his NBA career he played for multiple teams, notably the Milwaukee Bucks and Golden State Warriors, where with the Warriors he won an NBA Championship in 2015. Bogut also made history as the first Australian selected as the number 1 pick in the NBA Draft.

On the international stage, Bogut represented Australia in various competitions, including the Olympics and FIBA World Championships, contributing significantly to the Australian national team known as the “Boomers.”

Beyond his basketball prowess, Bogut is recognised for his outspokenness on social and political issues, advocating for athletes’ rights and raising awareness of critical sports-related matters. In 2023, he joined the Sports Advisory Board at Levin Health, an honour we greatly appreciate.

Sports injuries & medical conditions

Bogut faced a series of injury setbacks throughout his career, including a significant arm injury in his career best year with the Milwaukee Bucks in 2010. Andrew also broke his ankle soon after in 2012 also with the Milwaukee Bucks. 

Bogut cited chronic pain stemming from these injuries, He expressed, “The last two years have been a challenge for me, just getting out of bed in the morning on some days, let alone attending a training session or a game.” Subsequently, Andrew retired in 2020 at the age of 36.

Andrew Bogut joins the Levin Health Sports Advisory Board

In 2023, Andrew joined the esteemed sports advisory team at Levin Health.

​​He believes in its potential to provide alternative treatment options for individuals suffering from chronic pain. He says, “One in five Australians over 45 suffer from chronic pain, and I’m one of them. We are building a powerful alternative treatment for everyone.”

Additionally, the board includes AFL coaches Damien Hardwick and Alastair Clarkson, basketball Hall of Fame Lauren Jackson, champion jockey Damien Oliver, and a renowned figure in rugby league, Andrew Johns.