Product / Service Details

Pharmaceutical-grade CBD and THC Oils and Dried Flowers.

Our range of Oil and Dried Flower products sit across the CBD and THC spectrum. Healthcare professionals in Australia have prescribed our products for treating chronic pain, anxiety and sleep disorders where other treatments have failed, which are among the top 3 conditions for which Medicinal Cannabis is prescribed. This pattern is no surprise, given that 1 in 5 Australians over the age of 45 suffer from chronic pain; anxiety disorders affect 1 in every 6 Australians; and 4 of every 10 Australians have inadequate sleep. Medicinal cannabis can provide a much-needed option to those in need.

Business Model


In three years of sales activity, we have established a niche in the Australian medicinal cannabis sector characterised by our sports orientation and underpinned by world-class research. Our prescribers respect our ethical service and high-quality products.


Our sports orientation aligns with the community’s treatment of chronic pain, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Each of these conditions is experienced by athletes, as well as the general population so sport leadership and advocacy set us apart from our competitors. We source the highest quality products from around the world. Levin Health is an ethical medicinal cannabis company. We don’t pay rebates to anyone. Our prescribers are fiercely independent. So far, nearly 500 healthcare professionals have trusted us and prescribed one of our products.

Mission & Objectives


To help people improve their quality of life by unlocking the potential of Medicinal Cannabis.

Business Objectives

We have two key goals. The first is to develop a comprehensive range of impeccable quality Oil and Dried Flower products, providing an alternative treatment option for chronic pain, anxiety, and sleep disorders. The second is to successfully complete our Phase 2, randomised controlled trial. There is almost no world-class research in support of medicinal cannabis, so a product clinically validated through a Gold Standard Trial will further differentiate us from our competitors.



In 2016, medicinal cannabis was legalised in Australia and growth has been rapid. The sector grew by over 50% in the second half of 2022 and is forecast to exceed $1.2b by 2025. Chronic pain is the main condition, followed by anxiety and sleep disorder.


The medicinal cannabis sector begins with Cultivation and progresses to Manufacture and Distribution before a Healthcare Professional writes a prescription which a Pharmacy despatches to a Patient. Levin Health is a “sponsor”, allowing us to operate a Knowledge-Heavy, Capital-Light business model. We source products from world-class Manufacturers and present them to our cohort of nearly 500 Healthcare Professionals as treatment alternatives for their Patients. Growth in the sector will be kick-started when Gold Standard trials can provide clinical data for Healthcare Professionals to rely upon.



Australia’s medicinal cannabis sector is new and expanding rapidly. Much of this expansion occurred during COVID, when the Regulator was preoccupied with higher priorities. The landscape changed since COVID, in conjunction with the sector’s rapid growth.


New Investors ought to consider two key Risks facing companies in our sector. Regulatory compliance is the first. As we exit COVID and prescription numbers explode, the TGA is monitoring more closely. Its focus is on ethical prescription, products meeting new quality standards and the strict rules that govern the supply chain. Financial risk is huge. Very few companies in the sector are profitable, many have over-capitalised, and international competition is driving prices down. Companies such as Levin Health stand out because of our commitment to compliance, and we’ll be profitable very soon.