Where can I find Medicinal Cannabis in Sydney?

You need a prescription to access medicinal cannabis. Find out where you can find doctors who may be able to prescribe medicinal cannabis Sydney wide.

Medicinal Cannabis Sydney

Learn more about medicinal cannabis and access to Medical Marijuana in Sydney

The term medicinal cannabis refers to a selection of pharmaceutical cannabis preparations that are quality assured and intended for therapeutic use. In Australia, medical cannabinoids may be prescribed to treat various symptoms present during various health conditions. Doctors may prescribe medical marijuana Sydney wide. These medicinal cannabis products can include oils, extracts, tinctures, tablets and dry flowers.

As there is a need for better quality exploration and more in-depth studies of potential benefits, there are limitations associated with the known safety and efficacy of Sydney cannabis used for medicinal purposes. Medicinal cannabis may be prescribed to treat many symptoms and conditions so there must be more data gathered to quantify the actual risks and benefits of treatment. Dosages, administration methods and forms of medicinal cannabis can vary drastically when it comes to using it as a treatment and there is a lack of clear supportive information to be derived from clinical studies. Doctors may be more likely to prescribe medical cannabinoids Sydney wide if more evidential studies were being conducted to support its benefits once other avenues have been ruled out for a patient.

To give people legal access to quality assured medicinal cannabis products, access to medicinal cannabis is allowed via the Special Access Scheme, which is a scheme that allows access to unapproved medicines across Australia with a doctors prescription. The aim is to provide legal access to medical cannabis Sydney and Australia-wide, where appropriate, that meets Australia’s quality expectations. In NSW, under the legal access pathways, a doctor may be permitted to prescribe medical cannabis if it is deemed necessary for a patient’s circumstances. The process for accessing medicinal cannabinoids in Sydney may vary from other states.

With the approval from the State Health Department and the Therapeutic Good Administration (TGA), any medical doctor can prescribe medicinal cannabinoids Sydney wide and the process for this is as follows:

  1. Visit your GP for a consultation where you explain your condition and the difficulties you’re facing with its management.
  2. If they agree that this path is appropriate for your conditions, they will choose the best medical cannabinoids Sydney wide for you.
  3. The doctor will then apply to have your prescription approved by the government so you can access medical marijuana Sydney wide.
  4. Following approval, your doctor will provide you with a prescription for medicinal cannabis. Sydney patients can take this prescription to the pharmacy where your products will be dispensed.

If you think you need a prescription for medical cannabinoids, NSW, you need to first speak to your GP. Talk to them about the problems your condition and they can decide whether medicinal cannabis might be suitable for you. Finding a GP and having a good relationship with them is sometimes difficult, but trusting someone to make the right decisions for your ongoing health and advocating for you is important. GPs will also help you to explore all options and make other recommendations when it comes to prescribing you medicinal cannabis in Sydney.

If you wish to consult a doctor who is familiar with prescribing medicinal cannabis, book a telehealth appointment with a GP at the Greencare website.

Greencare is a medical cannabis clinic that offers telehealth consultations with a team of highly educated practitioners and Authorised Prescribers who will be able to provide you with further advice and information on accessing medicinal marijuanas Sydney wide.

You can see below another alternative with a list of doctors in and near Sydney who may be able to help you with medicinal cannabis.

Dr Zaina Cheema – The Sunflower Clinic Sydney
Suite 2, Level 7, Dymocks Building428 George St Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

Dr Antwan Barich – Royale Medical Centre
Shop16 Marketfair Campbelltown, 4 Tindall St Campbelltown NSW 2560 Australia

Dr Ron Campbell – The Clinic, Tahmoor
87 Remembrance Driveway Tahmoor NSW 2573 Australia